Weekly Menu Plan: October 3

One of my goals is to make and stick to a menu.  I used to be good at it.  Well, compared to now.  It never became a habit.  But I want it to be.  I like knowing ahead of time what I'm going to cook.  I also like being able to keep my food budget in check since I don't have to buy so much to 'have on hand' (this is totally different than stocking up!).  

One of the other things I love about making a menu is the chance to try a new recipe.  If I don't stick it on a menu, I'm a lot less likely to try it.  My biggest problem about making menus is I'm never satisfied with just putting 'tacos' or some such thing down.  It just seems so boring to put on a menu!  But I do not have the time / energy to always come up with new & different meals, let alone make them.   So this is something I will have to learn to balance when making my meals.

This week's balance is a little heavy on the new recipe side, but not a lot of complicated stuff.

Roasted Veggie Minestrone Soup
Italian Bread

w/ pasta
Baked Squash

w/ brown rice
Steamed Cabbage

w/ yogurt sauce
Roasted Brussels Sprouts w/ Feta 


Roasted Potatoes
(which is not us, but the recipe is really good!)

Veggie Spaghetti

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  1. Mmmmm! Dal sounds delicious. Maybe I'll give it a try soon.

    Come on over and visit over at Free 2 Be Frugal to check out my menu plan.


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