Why A Blog?

Why not?

I'm writing this as a blog so I can share what I've learned with others.  I'm know there are many who are in the same boat I am.  Wanting to live a healthier life by eating better, exercising more, and losing weight.  It's not easy though.  What really is eating better? Just because you are losing weight, doesn't mean you are eating healthy.  And how do you do it all on a budget?

Now, just so we are clear.  I'm not an expert. Not even close. I don't even know what I'm doing most of the time!  I'll probably contradict myself, change my mind, or just plum go crazy a time or two.  That doesn't mean you can't listen to me, just take everything with a grain of salt and research it yourself if you are not sure. 

The plan for my blog is:
  • sharing recipes, menus and food finds
  • sharing information I learn about healthy eating (& exercise)
  • sharing my journey from overweight food newbie to in shape food veteran
  • sharing anything else that benefits me, and might benefit someone else
Wow, that's a lot of sharing.  I hope that as I share, you (the reader) will share too.  Don't be afraid to leave me comments.  Be anonymous.  Be named.  Just be you. I won't bite, promise!