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This last weekend, my husband, son and I went camping with our church.  We had a lot of fun.  There were 100 people (including the kids) in 3 group camp sites.  Nothing better than spending a couple of nights in God's creation with a large group of friends.

When planning for our camping trip, my husband and I brainstormed meal options.  We didn't have a lot of meals that needed to be made.  We needed to cook dinner for both Friday and Saturday night, and then breakfast on Sunday.  Breakfast on Saturday was provided by our church and then Saturday's lunch was a potluck.

When it comes to camping food,  I want it to be easy with little mess.  I also like to be able to cook as much as possible on the open flame.  My husband's #1 request was for hotdogs.  In his book, they are a must when camping.  But what else was I to make?

I wanted to keep things as REAL as possible.  I wasn't worried about well-rounded meals (we were camping, after all!), but I didn't want to put a bunch of chemicals in my body.  We hadn't been camping since I started eating healthy.  I couldn't come up with any ideas about what to make.  It needed to be easy, but in the healthy realm.

Then I stumbled across this article on real food campfire meals.  The last recipe seemed perfect.  Easy, not too messy, I can cook it on a fire, and it was frugal to boot!  (We spent enough $$ on treats, I had to keep the meals to a minimum!)

I ended up making a couple of variations of the burrito recipe.  We loved both of them!  I think the part I loved most about these is the crispy tortillas!

Here are my variations:

~ Bean, Beef, and Cheese Burritos ~ 
I filled a tortilla with taco meat (I made this at home prior to camping), black beans, and cheddar cheese.  I rolled the burrito up in aluminum foil and placed on the grill grate over the fire.   When they were warmed through and toasty, we ate them with salsa and sour cream on the side.  And we would have had avocado too, but I forgot about it!

~Breakfast Burritos~
We made a breakfast of diced potato hashbrowns, beef bacon, and eggs.  We ended up with some leftovers, and as I was cleaning up, I had a lightbulb come on.  I had one egg left that didn't get cooked (and who wants to bring home one egg!), and a slice of bacon that nobody snagged.  So I added these to the rest of the potato hash my husband didn't eat.  I rolled the hash and some cheese into tortillas and wrapped in aluminum foil.  I left them sitting on the table while we took down camp.  I was able to clean up everything and when we started getting hungry, I laid them on the grill.  We had our lunch of breakfast burritos after we were all packed up.  It was easy and oh so yummy!

Burritos will be added to our regular camping meals.  We might have to see what other variations we can come up with!

The Morning Stare-At-The-Fire

What do you like to cook when you are camping? 

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  1. Camping season starts soon down in my neck of the woods once things cool down a bit. Great ideas for camp fare. Would you consider sharing this post at Monday Mania? Hope to 'see' you there!


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